About Us

Get your mojo back. Feel younger, get active, and be happy.

Bestselling authors, scientists and thought leaders have come together to create courses, documentary series and movies that shine a light on the newest breakthroughs in medicine, natural health, fitness, and life mastery. All designed to make the impossible, possible!

bPOSSIBLE educates, inspires and activates you to heal yourself and heal the planet. No longer do we have to depend on outdated, ‘cookie cutter’ mainstream approaches to modern medicine.

New breakthroughs are leading us to more personalized and individualized medicine. The power is in your hands. Daily classes in yoga, tai chi, fitness, and much more are there for you to explore and get active. And it’s all available to you right now as part of your whole.tv membership.

Join us today. We’re right there by your side to guide you through your health journey with content, coaches, and telemedicine (coming soon.)

Founder Pedram Shojai

“Fixing the world starts with fixing the people who live in it. Healthy choices make healthy people. I envisioned this platform as a fully integrated ecosystem where we can meet people where they are at and help them feel better immediately. From there, we continue to support them into a healthier lifestyle that becomes an upward spiral of wellness. People need answers and our media is designed to educate and inspire them to make positive changes in their lives. From passive consumers of media, we drive our members into more active participation with coaches, doctors, and a variety of tools…all putting the power back into their hands.”