Diet plan options

Mediterranean Plan

A 28-Day plan that follows guidelines for a Mediterranean Diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils. Lean protein (organic/wild-caught poultry and fish), whole grains, and dairy are also included. The perfect foundational plan.

Vitality Boost Plan

A 28-Day plan that’s low in sugar and high in healthy fats and proteins as well as various nutrients targeted at nourishing and supporting the immune system. The diet includes whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein (organic/wild-caught poultry and fish), healthy fats and carbohydrates, and plenty of fluids. It’s dairy and gluten-free.

Vegetarian Plan

A 28-Day low-glycemic, plant-based protein diet that includes whole, fresh fruits, and vegetables with plenty of fluids. The vegetarian recipes in this program are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of animal proteins (with the exception of eggs as a binding agent. You may substitute flax eggs.)  Smoothie recipes include gluten-free, vegan protein powder (minimum of 20 g protein recommended).

CardioMetabolic Support Plan

A  28-Day program to promote a healthy heart. It can also be used by those with Hypertension or High-Cholesterol. The diet includes whole, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein (organic/wild-caught poultry and fish), along with plenty of fluids. Recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free and include healthy fat.

Detox Plan

A 14-Day program to gently and slowly support the process of metabolic detoxification. You’ll enjoy one healthy meal per day along with optional snacks and two detox meal replacement shakes.  The plan suggests clean animal proteins, nuts, and vegetables. All grains, dairy, and legumes are excluded.  Please note: the cost of the meal replacement shakes and recommended detox supplements is about $190.  Around $14 a day - much less than the average cost of breakfast and dinner meals. Not available to those outside of the US & Canada.

Brain Health Plan

A 28-Day plan that follows the concepts of Dr. Perlmutter's LUV Diet as covered in his Brain Health Masterclass.  A mostly plant-based diet with whole, fresh vegetables and fruits, organic eggs, animal protein and wild-caught fish, nuts and seeds, limited whole gluten-free grains, small amounts of dairy, and generous healthy fats. The plan is specifically low in fructose, purines, and alcohol to maintain healthy uric acid levels.

100-Day Food Journal

A journal to track foods you’re eating, the exercise you’re doing, body metrics (blood pressure, blood glucose, pain index, elimination, weight, etc.), and your general condition prior to being assigned a plan. No daily plans, meal plans, or recipes.


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