3 Reasons Healthy Hair is Important and How To Help

Are you worried about balding? Did you dye your hair ten years ago and you’re still worried it’s ruining your roots? How often do you shampoo? There are so many questions to ask about hair, it’s something we all have. At least, most of us do. Let’s talk about why your hair is important to keep healthy and 5 ways you can keep it healthy!

Surgery: Why it makes you nervous and how to prepare

Surgery is often seen as a last resort when it comes to medical treatment, and for good reason. It can be risky, expensive, and sometimes even unnecessary. But there are also many people who are scared of surgery because of the potential complications that can arise. Let’s analyze the validity of those fears and how to cope with them if you need surgery but can’t quite get yourself to feel comfortable!

Clean' Makeup Brands that are Non-Toxic and Safe for Your Skin

There are so many reasons to wear makeup. Maybe you are going out and want to feel a bit fancier. Maybe you’re going for a more artistic look? Maybe you’ve never worn it before and you’re going crazy tonight! There are countless reasons to wear makeup and so many makeup brands on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some contain harmful chemicals and other toxic ingredients that can wreak havoc on your health. Others are much more natural and gentle on your skin. If you’re looking for healthy makeup brands that won’t put your health at risk, here are 3 to check out!

The Most Important Things Caregivers Should Know

A caregiver is a person who provides care for another person who is unable to care for themselves.