The Power Of Touch – How Baby Massage Can Help Soothe And Calm

The Power Of Touch – How Baby Massage Can Help Soothe And Calm

A baby massage is a lovely way to soothe and bond with your little one. The act of gently stroking your baby's body can promote relaxation and sleep and may help to ease colic, gas, and teething pain. Baby massage can also boost your baby's circulation, aid in digestion, and stimulate their nervous system.

There are numerous benefits to massaging your baby, both for them and for you as their parent. Massage has been shown to improve bonding between parents and babies, reduce stress hormones in both infants and mothers, lower the infant's heart rate and increase weight gain in premature babies. For parents, regular massage of their infants has been linked with improved self-esteem, decreased anxiety levels, and less postpartum depression.

If you're interested in trying baby massage, you should keep a few things in mind. First, make sure your hands are clean and warm – use unscented lotion or oil if desired. It's best to do the massage on a soft surface like a bed or changing table; never directly on top of hard floors or furniture. Be gentle when massaging around delicate areas like the face, neck, or genitals. Finally, always follow your baby's cues – if they seem uncomfortable or unhappy at any point during the massage, stop immediately.

A guide to baby massage.

To get the most benefit of a baby massage, it is helpful to remember to massage the baby's whole body; baby's tummy, legs, and back. Before you begin, you will need a few things: -a clean diaper, -a soft blanket or towel -baby lotion or oil.

To begin, put the diaper on your baby and then have them lie down on their back on the blanket or towel. You can use any kind of oil or lotion, but make sure it is not too fragrant as that could bother your baby's nose. Warm the oil or lotion in your hands before applying it to your baby's skin, and start with long, smooth strokes down your baby's arms and legs.

  1. Gently stroke their head, scalp, and back with your fingertips to relax baby's head muscles
  2. Use a light touch to massage their tummy in a clockwise direction, with may help with gas relief
  3. Rub small circles on their chest – from the middle going out
  4. Gently rub or pat their back while they are lying on their stomach, with special attention paid to their lower back
  5. Hold them close while you massage their feet and legs
  6. Sit behind them and massage their back and shoulders
  7. Take turns massaging each other during baby's playtime or breastfeeding
  8. Give them a gentle foot or hand massage, which can you do while bathing them

Get creative! Anything that feels good to you will feel good to your baby! Finish up by giving your baby a big hug! Studies show that babies who receive regular massages cry less, sleep better, and gain weight faster. It's a special time to create a special bond with your baby.